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evaluation this is a  pillow plus bed mattress…Keetsa Bed… it’s a queen I bought it about 6 weeks earlier at the Soho location downtown and I loved it liked everything about it I remained in the market for a mattress I was comparing it I was taking a look at other bed mattress like Casper ELISA memory foam ones you require the coils this is the way to go it states spring coils on the

inside but it has this good memory foam top which is very comfy so it provides some internal assistance and this leading really just conforms to your body it’s very comfy and it’s it’s covered in this a hundred percent natural unbleached cotton that’s right natural natural cotton check it out yes extremely nice and luxurious I would certainly suggest this bed mattress to anybody who’s trying to find a mattress for sure it’s competitive to those 2 other brand names I said pricing wise convenience level method better than those two and yes Okita is certainly worth checking out for sure if not this pillow plus maybe check out a few of their other ones in their gorgeous display room downtown and client service was terrific and I would absolutely advise this bed mattress

to anyone like I stated my sweetheart enjoys it I love it we’re all happy here it’s enhanced my life in lots of aspects let’s see oh yes on top of that I got this complimentary eye mask in case I want to sleep with the lights on which I don’t generally do but it’s nice it resembles yes nice anyway ketta is the way to go check him out they got a showroom downtown next to some other mattress shops and like I said I tried some other ones out and this is the one that I am glad that I chose sure so provide it a shot all right mm-hmm thanks for enjoying and best of luck with your bed mattress hon alright great bye


As one of the extremely first bed mattress companies to take their company to the online market, Keetsa has actually made development one of its top priorities as a company from the very beginning. Using bed mattress with a wide range of designs that range from all-foam to hybrid, Keetsa has gone far for itself as one of the leading online merchants for quality bed mattress.

To help you better pick which of their high-quality mattresses you need to spend your hard-earned cash on, we’re going to do a thorough evaluation of Keetsa bed mattress as a family product. First, we’ll take a look at some key elements such as breathability, assistance, and pressure point relief, each of which Keetsa offers with its different bed mattress.


To get all the details on Keetsa’s various types of bed mattress, we’re going to take a more detailed take a look at their iCoil bed mattress, their memory foam mattress, their hybrid bed mattress, and a few other Keetsa products. Keep reading to get all the information you require to know whether these products are right for you and your family.


Keetsa is a San Francisco based brand of incredibly cost effective hybrid mattresses, made popular on Amazon and the Web, though recently they have opened showrooms across the US. Their bed mattress are made in the exact same center that Zinus uses and feature fascinating products such as plant oil mix memory foam and biofoams. Many folks discover them comfortable.

This makes them more environment-friendly, however not the ‘greenest’ option on the market because they still use polyurethane foams in their mattresses. In general, there are a few grievances about resilience and odor, but for the low rate of many of their mattresses, this is to be anticipated. The Keetsa Pillow Plus is the most popular and we’ll go through its layers in depth and how it compares to the other Keetsa bed mattress.


Layer 1: Listed below the cotton cover and a fiber cushioning pillow is 1″ of BioFoam �”�, which has a portion of the polyurethane replaced by plant oils.

Layer 2: 2 layers (1.5″ and.5″) of comfort foam, which is firmer than the very first layer and alleviates pressure points.

Layer 3:.5″ of high density foam to provide support above 7.5″ of iCoil �”� took coils.

General Convenience
Most sleepers report feeling comfy on Keetsa’s mattresses. Some reported a lingering smell from the foam and others reported some toughness concerns that occured after a couple of months. Overall, however, these were few and far between for the pricepoint.

Keetsa Mattress is among the leading online mattress merchant as they started the innovative procedure of eliminating the bad in store experience and deliver the bed mattress in a workable package directly to your door. Through their ingenious manufacturing, Keetsa offers their customers an excellent quality bed mattress for a sensible cost and easy set up.